Towards operation

[Monday, 28 August, 2006]

It was another visit to the Singapore Waiting Hospital. I was twenty minutes earlier but I waited for more than an hour.

The young specialist recognised me but I found him more familiar, probably at the beach. He was surprised to see me for the lump on my calf as he thought I last saw him quite long ago for it. I betted he did not know the queue for all appointments there were so long.

He looked at the MRI result and asked me what I wanted him to do for me. I had to take a decision whether to leave the lump alone or remove it. He left me outside to decide while he tried to finish off the remaining ten over patients and he seemed confident in his talk to the nurse.

I sought consultation from Vivi and she wanted me to go for the operation. But there was fears within me as the previous specialist had told me the operation would be bloody and messy since it was made up of blood vessels. The worst thing was that the lump might come back again.

I waited outside for the doctor to call me in but my number never appeared again. Then I saw a patient spitted with saliva before going in and I almost wanted to confront him. I told a nurse and she told me it was the same mental problem guy who had done it every time; I guessed I was lucky that I did not get into a fight with a guy who had mental problem.

After more patients had gone in, the nurse suddenly came out to find me. I clarified my doubts and the specialist said that I would be hospitalised for two or three days and would be able to walk after that; whereas, the lump might not be back. I decided to go for it.

I was referred to the General Surgery again and the appointment could be as early as Wednesday but I had dental FFI appointment. I pushed it to this Thursday, which was a mistake since it was Teachers’ Day celebration.

I was quite disappointed in the specialist not writing a letter for my FFI medical check-up to sum up my injuries. It was so irresponsibility of the specialists there to avoid spending time as to clear up the rest of the patients, especially when it was already one o’clock – lunch time.

As I put the news of an operation in my MSN nick, I saw the concern of some friends like Jasper Tan, Gilbert, Yaozhong, Kachua, Jasmin, Vanessa and Mingfa; it was comforting to know my friends cared for me.

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