I cannot stand people with no life who have no self conscience and often bring misery to others.

If the tax payers are paying you so high salaries to destroy the lives of their children, do you feel guilty?

Towards the end of this darkest period of my life, I have totally lost faith on people who seem to be of high status and capability. The struggles to their promotion are the suffering of the men often being labelled “cheap labourers”.

Suddenly I feel like being among a group of coolies in the olden days being fooled or kidnapped over to a foreign land, or perhaps, slaves would be a better term. There is always an ultimate force around to try to breakthrough the jail to attain freedom.

If you think money is not the most important issue on earth, let us talk about respect and dignity instead. Do you think anyone would want to work hard just to satisfy the unworthy conquest of the hard-heartedness and selfishness?

I am never a man who ignores the welfare of my fellow friends and future generations even when I finally can leave; therefore I am sinking in despair and waiting for chance to do my part to weaken the evils.

But when we are still helplessly waiting for days to pass by, be sure to unite ourselves. Let the reptiles be the source to our unity.

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