We want more Queks

[Sunday, 13 August, 2006]

Meeting up with Gilbert to go earlier to Woodlands in order to send my phone for servicing, he was late and that I had to get out of train at Ang Mo Kio station to wait for him.

We managed to find the service centre soon and Edgar joined us. Just then, I received so many phone calls from the arrived parties like Ah Boon, Siu Hang and Kengster, and I realised I had cleared the address book inside my old phone.

Gilbert double checking the map while Kengster KPOing

Walking away from MRT station

It was difficult to get them to take a group photo especially when Edgar was around

We waited on for more people like Ivan and Yuan Le. It was still early and we wanted to take a little walk around Causeway Point or the Pasar malam but Gilbert was eager set off immediately despite the majority’s objection. It was difficult to get them to get a small group photo.

Gilbert was heading his way without heading any advice from anyone and actually I did not know if we had covered a little more distant. Suddenly, he halted us near Quek’s house to rest and everyone was getting frustrated as we could have done it at Causeway Point instead.

Gilbert’s great design

Signing the card at the void deck

Pinching the cocky Kengster

Ah Boon and Siu Hang

Eventually we realised his main intention was to gather us to sign the nicely designed card for Quek. This was a big problem in Gilbert that he did not explain things properly and thus causing doubts in everyone. Anyway, we were questioned by two policemen who toured round the area in their car so slowly before approaching us that any criminal would have escaped by then.


We went up soon to the familiar place as I had been there once before. It was good to see Quek again and his eldest daughter was friendly enough to greet us. Kwang Han and Tze Siang arrived soon and followed by Yuqing, Fredrick and Rehan who drove over.

Part of the food

After eating

There she went

Kengster with his forever-cannot-finish Otak

The food was topped up very soon. After which, Siu Hang and I surrounded Kengster for he had been very cocky and uttering rubbish. He continued to eat as to stall time, taking each bite of less than one millimetre of the Otak. In the end, he failed to escape still.


Kengster being pinned down

We dragged him into one of the rooms while Edgar helped to take photos. I was quite disappointed as nobody else had come to help us even though they seemed to be supportive in the first place. We managed to pin him down onto the floor easily but I did not want to overdo it and let him off soon.

Back to eating

A blurrish photo taken by unknown of Quek and the star of the day, Ci En

One of the group photos

Bing Bing playing with her swing; besides her was her relative who she did not seem to like

A stare from Kwang Han with Rehan waving behind

Kengster acting cute

Rehan, Gilbert, Ivan and Tze Siang

Casanova Yuqing in his sexy looks

Bing Bing playing with her “computer”

Was she hinting for ice-cream?

There she went AGAIN

Fatherly love

Kengster trying his CPR

A fierce battle

Scene from his corridor to the unfinished construction of the new Republic Polytechnic

Looking at something

Bing Bing trying to play with the baby after her ice-cream feast

Cleaning up

Later, I got to play a while with Quek’s eldest daughter, Bing Bing. She was friendly towards us but not to another little girl who seemed to be her relative. We witnessed her cry a few times and Quek brought her down to spill ice-creams onto her clothes.

Group photo taken by me

I finally managed to get in

Bingbing said bye!

To the cars

The gangsters

We took group photo before leaving. We divided ourselves to take the three cars off. I did not collect back all the money.

I appreciated those who went or made effort to try to go. Quek was one of the most efficient, welfare and kindest persons in camp and I believed it was a good way to show appreciation to him. Nevertheless, those who had benefited from him and yet did not even want to chip in for the gift were just ungrateful scoundrel to me.

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