Who placed the cupboard there?

[Friday, 11 August, 2006]

If you have been hearing about “ugly Singaporeans”, I am sad to inform you that it is still not the end. These people are continuing to ruin Singaporeans’ image.

The problem of watching fireworks arouses everyday during this National Day season.

It is good to know that the population is getting wealthier and are willing to fork out more money for the art of photography; many of them even have tripod stands with them, looking like professional photographers.

Fascinated viewers have been camping as early as six o’clock or earlier near the Esplanade to catch the grand displays. You can see mats on the floor and families having picnics with lunchboxes on their hands and even couples chilling side by side.

Since places like the side of the river do not have seats like the national stadium, there was no rule on how each spectator should assemble on the flat grounds. There is a choice of the crowds sitting down or standing up in order to accommodate everyone’s sightline. Whereas for most people, they would rather choose to sit down and enjoy the night.

However, this night, Uncle Deaf-ears made a different decision to upset everyone who was stationing further away from the river.

As the fireworks began to light up the sky in rejoice, some people had tried to stand up but were jeered by the tens of angry people behind. It was at the open area behind the famous DXO clubbing place, where there was a little pause to the stretches of trees along the river.

There were screaming of people of different races and ages, and eventually the enlightened blockheads sat down, except for Uncle Deaf-ears. He was besides a plump and unfortunate lady, and holding a small camera, standing upright to challenge the power of typhoon.

The beautiful picture without perfection

There was no difference for him to sit or stand since the display was at a certain height where he could easily take good shots of them. In fact, he had blocked the views of so many cameramen who were eager to take down the magnificent exhibit to share with their families or friends, or even to foreigners to share the joyful and magnificent celebration of Singaporeans.

The hissing and jeering sound lasted for more than a minute but they did not take effect on him; he won the innocent crowds as their voices could not bring him down no matter what.

He was standing there
while everyone was sitting down

So much for my patience, I could not hold it any longer and finally lost my calm and quietness, straight behind this uncivilised brat I realised my curiosity, “Who placed the cupboard there!”

There were laughers at the surrounding where people were in furious moods. Immediately, someone behind me shouted to urge me to give a louder voice but I felt it was enough for Uncle Deaf-ears to hear the assurance. He did not back off or even look back.

The shameless couple

I was a hero for a moment, not enough to beat the arrogance of the bully, but still managed to cheer the sweet folks up for a few seconds.

The crucial matter is how behaviours of Singaporeans have improved over the past ten or twenty years, whether have the years of courtesy campaign taken any effect on ignorant and selfish Singaporeans.

Is it fair for some black sheep to spoil the whole image of Singaporeans especially during this period of time when the international visitors are coming for the upcoming Singapore 2006 (S2006) event?

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