A dog for future home

I was causally surfing around for dogs’ pictures as I was chatting with Vivi. Then I came across this site http://www.nextdaypets.com and saw many cute pictures. I would love to have a dog in future though Vivi insisted to have one.

If only I could afford one in future because money, time and patience matter a lot.

Yorkshire Terrier (male)? – very adorable and nice colour!

Yorkshire Terrier (male)

Yorkshire Terrier (male) – very artistic picture!

Yorkshire Terrier (female) – Vivi’s favourite. Very sweet!

Yorkshire Terrier (female)

Yorkshire Terrier (female)

Shetland Sheepdog (female) – I like the colour and the fur

Jack Russell Terrier (female) – Cutie! Jack Russell is very hyperactive and thus it’s more fun to play with, but I prefer a male one

Beagle (male)

Beagle (male) – look at the pitiful face, making people feel like hugging him!

Beagle (male)

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