A painful sleep

I had a very hard time dozing off. I tried all positions and even not let the calf touch anything, it still hurt. It was a feeling of my inner calf tearing apart. The pain was indescribable but it recited the beginning of cramps; the irritation caused fears as well.

I woke up many times and each time it took quite long before I could get into my dreams again. I regretted messaging Andy to wish him happy birthday at midnight as he replied me early in the morning before the sun greeted me.

The whole operated leg, below the knee was still swelling. There were blood clots (blue black) on both sides of the foot just above the heel, which were about four by two centimetres. There was discharge on the bottom of the wound every night when my mum redressed the wound. My calf was unusually freezing.

Blood clot on the right of my left foot

Blood clot on the left of my left foot

The wound with discharge on bottom

I do not know what is inside my calf now; imagine the doctor removes a ping pong ball size of tissues from your calf, what is left to fill the hollowness? When the bulk of blood vessels are removed, are the rest joint together or the supply of blood on that portion is terminated forever?

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