Attack of cough, flu and sore throat

[Tuesday, 12 September, 2006]
Once again, I dozed off only after five in the morning. Other than the unwelcoming nose, the flu had set my mind to worry about Vivi and my oncoming operation.
Basically, I did nothing after waking up other than clearing some of my mails as usual. After my lunch, I took two pills of panadols and went to sleep again. Usually, it would do me good sealing under a blanket without switching on the air-con or fan, but this time after sweating out, everything was still the same.
The mild cough eventually returned, followed by sore throat and my day was totally wrecked. At least, I got to chat with Vivi for a while over the phone but was worried that she would come over anytime to take care of me when I was unable to escort her home. I was glad when she messaged me in MSN.
I tried not to waste my day and continued with some online research. Then, I realised I was so outdated that the use of META KEYWORDS was kind of redundant already; what would happen to those web design lesson plans then? Will there be a change?
One of the numerous articles I had been to was
Dreams were still far within my reach and I supposed the only consoles were that I was going to ORD soon and I already had my dream girl with me.

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