Brilliant Gilbert

For the past few days I was badly pressurized by Gilbert. He enlightened me things about my website, which I had overlooked after numerous revamping over the years.

Perhaps, I had been focusing too much on the programming part to reduce the total file size that I had neglected some things; there were also many restrictions which hesitated me from doing certain things.

He had an impressive draft layout for my site and it looked professional. However, I did not take it since it was not what I really wanted; all the current soft and fading colours I had implemented described the theme and me better.

Though I still did not know the destination, I knew the direction; nobody understood me better than myself.

I had some changing of the menu, and if you were curious why a design student would listen to someone who was from a different field, I had to admit he was brilliant.

If I were to own any business, I would probably be employing him no matter which line I was going in to.

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