Contacts’ labelling

I took around forty-five minutes to rename all the contacts in my address book while waiting for Vivi at her void deck.

I used to put a “HP” behind every name to indicate it was number to a handphone and for house’s number I would just put the name. For example, I would add Chiobu’s phone as “Chiobu Hp”, whereas, her house number would be stored as “Chiobu”.

Soon, as most of my contacts owned a phone each and the free incoming call service became a competitive strategy for all the service providers in Singapore, I realised the requirement for storing “house phone” numbers was little. Nevertheless, it was too troublesome to change the format of storing the numbers.

It seemed stupid to put extra characters “Hp” behind each contact’s name when more than ninety percent of them would require that. And also, some contact’s names were so long that two extra characters meant a lot.

It had been my wish to change the format, taking my Chiobu as example again, for her mobile phone’s number labelled as “Chiobu” and house phone’s number as “Chiobu Hse”. I did not take any initiative.

This night when I had nothing with me, while waiting to send her to tuition, I finished this task.

It’s raining!

Looks like a snowing place. But I looked sucky.

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