Efforts in vain

[Monday, 26 September, 2006]

I finally made some efforts to get jobs.

There was an advertisement “Temp Event Promoters x 300 (On 1st Oct 06) Urgently Required”, which Terry had told me about it before it came out as advertisement. Gilbert searched the web and found it later. The responsibility was “Wearing the company T-shirt to walk around Orchard area promoting their company”, which was so simple and fun.

I wanted to apply for it with Gilbert and Terry even before my operation but was not sure if I could walk by the actual date. This $50 job was so alluring even though I was not sure how long the working hour was; it just seemed so simple.

So fascinated by it, I used the “Click here to apply” button to express my interest in the job but had received no reply.

Another job was introduced by Mingfa who saw it on the newspaper on Sunday. There was not much information but I was quite happy to hear “with or without experienced”. It was a web design job for Pearl’s Centre and since it was so near my house, I really wished I could help them attract more visitors and could proudly tell my mum about my credits in future.

The person replied my SMS with an email address. I started cracking my head to edit my previous resume done during Ngee Ann Polytechnic days. There was not much achievement and I was quite ashamed and reluctant to submit. It dragged on till eleven plus at night, that person messaged me again to email my resume and expected salary over.

Gilbert was just nice to come online and I sent him my resume with the “cover letter”. He explained to me that my format for the resume was outdated already. He sent me his and I started cracking my head again to edit it.

It was until at around one plus, I concluded that his format was far too untactful for my situation since his resume focused more on his uncountable distinction grades. I sent my earlier one to the given email address. Perhaps, I was too honest that I explained about my leg’s condition, which added in the problem of not receiving any reply again.

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