Farewell to the fun and sorrowful place

[Friday, 22 September, 2006]

After sleeping for two hours, I woke up suddenly with Yixin and Cecilia by my side. Yixin was laughing craftily as they walked off. I was not sure did they do anything to wake me up or I just felt the danger and got up to save myself.

With the frame, I went to the toilet to wash up by myself. The morning seemed so special somehow I loved it.

Since it was the last day of job attachment for my juniors (Ngee Ann Polytechnic students), all of them were so excited to start their three weeks of break; it was just nice for I was going to be discharged on the same day.

Yixin and Jielin were most hyperactive as usual. I laughed at them while they were “cleaning” up the patients and made some mistakes. Yixin even asked me a few times if I wanted them to sponge me, which was a fortunate deal for me but I rejected since it would be awkward, I needed a real bathe instead and Vivi might get jealous.

Jielin and Yixin

Grace and Jielin

I was lazy to move the trolley towards the bed and chose to leave it at the foot of the bed. Then, I told Jielin I looked cool to eat like that but Yixin later came and pushed it to the side of the bed so that I needed not twist my body to the side while eating; Yixin was so attentive.

The physiotherapist came again and finally brought my crutches. She was surprised to see the frame with me and finally shown her “true colours” as she said it was quite impossible to get it and she was just causally saying I could get it to practise on my own. Anyway, she taught with how to climb stairs with the help of Jielin and Kim Kim.

Later on, Cecilia tried to play with my crutches and the rest of them joined in. their laughers had cheered the room up so much.

Kim and Jielin

Cecilia, Kim, Jielin and Grace at the very back

I was so gratified that my auntie, my mum’s sister, came to visit me on the third consecutive day; I did not even visit her when she was struggling to take care of my uncle who was infected with brain disease. She even brought food along.

I was quite bored when the nurses went for their break. After they came back, they helped me to cover up my bandage so that I could go and bath; I had a very tough time inside, trying not to wet my left calf even though it was quite well protected.

After that, the nurses gathered around me again and I could stop feeling fortunate. Perhaps, I was the youngest patient there and that was why they rather had “war” against me; they could not resist waiting to remove all the tapes to see me scream in pain.

One thing which I did not understand about my mum was she kept asking them to become her god daughters. I forgot to ask my mum to bring the camera along which I had even prepared on my table top, with batteries fully charged.

It was around one when my medicine arrived. Then, the permanent nurse came over to give me a new wound dressing. I saw the wound then, which was very disgusting though it was only a line.

After that, the nurses accompanied my mum and I down as they went to take their lunch. From them, I saw hopes in future. They also showed me the enthusiasm to do things.

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