FFI day

[Wednesday, 30 August, 2006]

A long day began with meeting Hong Kiat at Yew Tee MRT station. He drove me over to Kranji camp for our dental FFI. Our appointment was at 1030h but we reached at 1000h instead. We took our breakfast at the canteen. The dentist only started to receive patients at 1100h. Hong Kiat and I were the second and third in queue but a Major went in before us.

It was a quick check-up, which lasted less than a minute inside. However, we had to wait for everyone to finish their check-ups at 1200h to collect the status slips. Then, I realised my PES status was C2L2 and my camp’s medical centre did not even update me.

Hong Kiat drove Derrick, Ivan Koh, Alex and I out of the Kranji camp and dropped them near Choa Chu Kang MRT. Both of us went back camp to try to sign some entries of the clearance form before going for medical FFI. The weather was not very welcoming. We went to the medical centre but the MO was not around.

I managed to get some of the entries signed with the helps of Rehan. He also managed to help me sign the entry for “Branch IC”. Hong Kiat and I went back to the Medical centre after two in the rain. Filling up the form was a tedious job for me as I had many injuries to report. Suddenly, the medics asked whether did we go for overseas exercise before and I got the shock of my life. Around one and half year after my ROC trip, they wanted me to have blood test.

The previous time I had my blood tested was during polytechnic days and I got so dizzy after that. I had this phobia with needle that injection could easily cause trembling and drawing of blood was definitely worse. So, I proceeded on, being a genie pig for the new medic. He did not pull the needle out until his senior alerted him and I leaned my head on the table. They accompanied me to the sick bay after that.

I went back to join Hong Kiat in a short while even though the bed was quite comfortable and I was lacking of sleep. He went in to see the MO and came out in less than a minute. It was my turn then and I had lots more to talk about, which kept me inside for quite long. Luckily, the hamster-look-alike inhuman MO was gone somehow and this very muscular replacement was friendly and concerning.

I went back to the AVA office after that and was quite disappointed that I had missed the chance to spend time with Vivi for the whole afternoon. I managed to help Gan and Terry sign their clearance for AVA and CAI.

It was after four o’clock, Hong Kiat drove the CSOs and I to Choa Chu Kang MRT station and that ended my day.

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