Frustrating night

Friday, 22 September, 2006

The entire calf and foot swelled so badly that I could not even stand up. The tension of the muscle was scary and I could feel my calf freezing.

Being an active person, it was unbearable to not run and jump about. I hated so much to trouble others and this night my mum had to bring all my used bowls and cups to the kitchen; all the simple tasks pierced my heart deeply.

Future was a frustration. I thought over the job opportunities told by Gilbert, supposed there were more but I could not take up any. When I had already gotten my last pay from the bad asses, gaining my freedom at end of month, I still had to consider that I had more than a mouth to feed. I did not like this pressure and it was killing all brain cells that were trying to figure a path out for me.

I forgot which was the weaker medication and I tried my luck. It was all for the swollen calf that I feared, else I would not want to take anymore painkiller.

This night I tried to sleep early since I was so disabled but there were pains all over my calf and even at the shin.

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