GESS 2G 97’ gathering

[Friday, 01 September, 2006]

The outing slipped out of my mind again and again. Until around 1900h on the day itself, just half an hour more to go, I messaged Jinyu to confirm about it.

Since the gathering was a get-together dinner, I promised my mum to go home for supper even though she had cooked a lot; I thought it would be just nice timing that my stomach would be empty again after reaching home.

I managed to reach Cityhall at around 0730h. Holding on to the phone to chat with Vivi, ignoring the fact that I could not see any familiar face and I walked round and round. I put down the phone to call Sean, Jinyang and Tianfa but none of them picked up.

However, later Tianfa brought me good news that Zhenyi had arrived and I managed to meet up with him and Minting. Zhenyi’s face had grown more mature that I could hardly recognise him, whereas for Minting, she was almost totally the same from the past, pretty of course. We waited for Benny to come and then walked into Citylink.

Next was the meet up with Wanwei and Peiyi before we went to Marina Square to join up with the latecomers who went there directly. I got to see Thiam Huat, Jinyu, Shilin, Yanling, Karlye and Siling as we waited outside “Dian Xiao Er” until 2100h, they told us to give up waiting since the kitchen was going to stop orders in half an hour’s time and it was still crowded.

We crossed over to the restaurant opposite, which was “Hans”. Since it was so late already and I still had to take dinner at home, I was in a deep hesitation whether to eat there a not. In the end, I chose to go on diet after putting my financial status into consideration.

Benny and Zhenyi impressed me so much with their memories that so many of the past jokes were still printed so deeply inside their brains and being exploited this night. We shifted to the MacDonald’s as the staffs began to close the restaurant.

We had another round of laughers as it got into eleven o’clock. Since some of them had to work, we decided to disband. We only managed to take a few photos and the group ones were taken from too far.

Benny, Zhenyi, Tianfa, Kailun

Standing: Tianfa, Kailun, Jinyu, Peiyi, Wanwei
Sitting: Benny, Zhenyi, Shilin, Minting, Yanling

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