I missed the ROC trip

[Tuesday, 26 September, 2006]

It was another ROC (Taiwan) trip for the SOCC cadets from Signal Institute again. I missed the time I had there previously.

Siu Hang was lucky to be selected to go with them this time but he had repeatedly dropped me questions once in every few days. The worst time was when I was hospitalised and feeling so helpless, I had to reply him. Nevertheless it was my wish and pleasure to help my good friend.

Anyway, I told him to get me a carton of Pork bowl noodle but it seemed like they were not allowed to order anymore to put into the container to be transported back to Singapore. It was a disappointment since I wanted to share those “powerful” bowl noodles (with meats inside) with my friends who had never been to Taiwan.

Just hours before the plane was taking off as I was feeling crappy, I sent a message to my friend, Captain Phua, who I got to know through my previous trip. I tried to tease him that I hoped he would not be alone during the R&R (Relax and Recreation) trip.

He replied me, “Why would i? I’m not even going. Haha… I’ll be on course, so not going.”

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