If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never comes, I am afraid I could only say sorry.

I have not gone for a movie with Anthony old man after the previous time my camp screwed it up for me.

I have not gone for a cycling trip with Kenneth at Palau Ubin after all the delays.

I have not met up with Lijie and Firman after so long.

I have not met up with Marlboro.

I have not brought Jesselyn to Escape Theme Park.

I have not seen Vanessa in bikini.

I hope Irwin can compose new songs and set up his own business in Singapore.

I hope Mike can realise his dreams of building his internet empire.

I hope Mingfa can excel in his work into finding better prosperity.

I hope Ming En can get a stable job.

I hope Wilson can soon take over his parents’ business and adopt good management.

I hope Zijun can fulfil his dreams of volleyball coaching.

I hope Shing Kae can come out with more interesting videos.

I hope Kian Wee can get into his singing career.

I hope John can recover from his injuries.

I hope princess can remain cute forever.

I hope Sam Toh can get through his course and get a good girlfriend.

I hope Gilbert’s talent will be discovered and he can have his shopping spree everyday.

I hope Da Zhang can become a good game designer.

I hope BMCC would unite again.

Please take care of my family and Vivi.

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