It was never as planned

[Monday, 04 September, 2006]

She woke me up not very early in the morning but I still could not get up. I did try to sleep early like 0100h as promised, but it was a waste of time to lie down there for near two hours before dozing off; it was actually my most energetic hours when I could do more things than in the day.

My head was heavy but the determination picked me up and dragged me away from the bed. I was rushing down to catch the train which would arrive in two minutes but met Bianhong’s mum. I could not recognise her at first because she looked much younger and so much like Wanyi. She called out for me and we had a little chat before I missed the train. Next was Jinxu passing by and it was a short but nice chat with him before I alighted from the train at Tiong Bahru.

I was earlier than her despite being my heavy steps. I was looking forward to catch up with her before she suddenly messaged me that her mum was going there for breakfast as well and told me to go down to the MRT to wait for her. I was just so pathetic.

She soon arrived and I insisted to help her to top up her ezlink card again since she only left with thirty cents inside. It was my promise to accompany her to Boonlay to her friend’s house for her to study; I thought at least I could get to enjoy some extra personal moment with her. Later, she told me she was meeting her friend at Jurong East to disappoint me a little. She called her friend immediately as planned I supposed but most girls were often late birds.

I told her we could just go directly to Boonlay, the final destination, to eat but she insisted Jurong East. We got down to Jurong Entertainment Centre and she brought me to MacDonald’s again. I knew it was very unhealthy to dine often at fast food restaurant and I had felt the strong “heat” inside my body already, but decided it was just too convenient for us.

At least, I thought we could enjoy a nice meal together slowly, until she suddenly called her friend again, who had arrived Jurong East. The two big packets of fries were still almost untouched and we had to takeaway. I did not know how I should feel. After accompanying them to Boonlay, I left for home myself and dozed off right at the seat.

I wondered if the government would consider giving grants to people with girlfriends for transportation, especially those who were charged on adult fares. Whereas, a terminology could be implemented to detect excess use of ezlink card in just an hour to offer at least fifty percent discounts.

Basically, I sucked so much that the Singapore Waiting Hospital was playing on me that I still did not know when my operation would be on. I could not possibly get a part-time job now and state my medical appointment dates, or even suddenly tell them I had an operation to go for.

I guessed I was a total let-down.

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