Leg injuries and the lump on calf

I am surprised when some people mistake the operation is for my “leg” injury which I am always talking about. It is indeed part of the injuries, which all the doctors have indirectly made me neglect about, but I always thought only the knees were crucial.

My injuries include the most serious back injury, loose knee caps, lump on my left calf which is just operated and the numbness on my feet.

The diagnosis of the lump is gastrocnemius haemangioma. This is a tough medical term for me but Doctor Tay has explained that my condition is overgrowth of blood vessel, which is a minor tumour.

This problem drags on till now and has somehow worsened, which I believe it is the fault of the doctors who do not show much concern about it. I cannot remember which doctors I have visited except for the numerous reports during my BMT days.

Life is always screwed up indeed.

I hope my friends will not follow my footsteps, and instead, make persistent approach to insist on thorough checkups on problems with their health.

<Pictures of lump>
<Ultra Sound scan for lump>

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