My insanity

[Wednesday, 06 September, 2006]

There were always problems somehow with the cycling trips to her house. It was either the undetected deflated tyres or the unknown jammed gear; each time it made me paddled so much harder.

It was her sister’s birthday, who ordered a chocolate ice-cream cake to fit her taste, and yet her mum insisted her go for tuition to miss out the celebration. Even though her tutor’s house was near her house, I promised to fetch her.

To cycle there was of course an idea to save cost; taking two trips of buses actually cost a lot when it was so frequent. It took me less than twenty minutes to cycle over and the idea of exercising was good for someone like me who did not had much chances to work out.

I was glad at least she was happy to see me. The time I spent on each single trip was actually longer than the time I could get to see her but it definitely worth it.

There were unlimited reasons why I would want to waste so much time; I could not explain. She did not insist me to fetch her or just send her to any place but her love just made me put in all my willingness.

Needless to say, there were so many sweet things she had done, which had caused my insanity.

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