My lovely angel

[Thursday, 31 August, 2006]

I was feeling down but never wanted to miss the day with her. In the rain, I strolled towards the bus-stop slowly, having so much to reproach myself for. She was fast on her pace, wearing a cap without umbrella and reached the park even before me.

I was quite shocked at first for her dressing was totally different from what she usually wore. The long sleeve shirt, loose on the shoulder was the stylish type greatly appreciated by me and moreover, she was wearing a skirt just for me.

The stress on my face could not be hid but I was never good at expressing myself that it took me quite long to explain to her why I was so quiet.

We took train to Somerset and it was pouring heavier than earlier on. The scenario was just like the second time we went out, at the same place, around the same time and with the same umbrella.

We went to the “More than words” shop to get her sister a birthday present before getting a ticket to “The break up”. We rushed to take our lunch at Long John Silvers’ and were in time for the show.

It was a good show despite the fact that the title was not suitable for us. She sweetly suggested going over to Hereen just for taking neoprints again. It was though expensive, but still a memorable thing to do with my sweet girl.

The passion, the trueness of life

Of some coolness, she looks incredibly seducive

A love promise, my sexy lady

I love this picture the most; clear and sweet smiles!

I liked this machine a lot for our faces were not covered up totally by the lighting, able to reveal the contours of our faces so that others would not be able to disguise as us easily – basically most people look the same in those neoprint machines with strong lighting. However, the printing sucked that the output was quite blur.

With that, I ended the day by sending her home. It was a very sweet day somehow, which was beyond words to express. She looked sweet in her sweet character, with all the sweet words she put in and especially the sweet things she did.

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