NP Pals meet-up

[Friday, 08 September, 2006]

Shilin called for a meeting up but this time not everyone was informed due to miscommunication, which was a big regret.

We were supposed to meet at Plaza Singapura but I guessed she was late and thus did not pick up my call when she was on the bike. I met up with Jason and Benson instead, followed by Yongming. Then, we proceeded to Paradise Centre and met up with Lynn, Yaozhong and surprisingly Kelvin, who had been missing in action for years.

Some of us hesitated to go into the shop “Juju Hot Pot” ) because we estimated the price to be quite high. In the end, we still walked in and felt the pressure of pockets being sliced off.

Into the beginning of our feast, I became so excited with all the fun and delicious servings. The switch was interesting as well for it could adjust the temperature so fast. I almost got out of my mind and finally received this comment “I pity you must be seldom eat nice food”, which was very true.

Benson posing

Kelvin and Chee Wei sitting at the other table

The 70% done egg

Egg after you smash it

The super duper nice tasting egg waiting to be placed into your mouth!

My chicken set. There are others like beef, pork etc.

Noodle. Too sour though.

Side dishes

The super duper nice icy vinegar sour plum juice which I took damn long to finish because I wanted to prolong the enjoyment


And the result, though not really very tasty

The temperature controller was fun as the soup got heated up so fast

Benson, Kailun, Lynn

Ziying, Jason, Yongming

Shilin’s boyfriend, Shilin, Yaozhong, Kelvin, Chee Wei

Their speciality Pearl Harbour! Nice but seems to be common tasting.

This was Lynn’s hot desert; not sure what it was

It was a hot dinner and I was sweating in front of the hot pot after continuous “workout”. The main food, chicken slices, was actually just of normal taste; but overall it was a very nice dinner.

After that, we went to The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC) to chill up together while waiting for Cher Fong’s arrival.

Outside TCC

Benson and Yaozhong

My mint something something..

Arrival of Cher Fong turned towards Kelvin immediately

Jason and Yaozhong

Group photo – Jason, Shilin, Cher Fong, Benson, Kailun, Lynn, Yaozhong, Chee Wei, Kelvin, Ziying

Another group photo

Sweet couple

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