Painful days

The progress to recovery is somehow not a sweet and simple journey.

The pain resumes and I hate the feeling greatly. At least, it is better than the first two days at home when I could feel the muscle shrinking back after stretching, the ghastly feeling disheartened me so much.

Lying down is always more comfortable somehow, perhaps due to the better circulation of blood, but I can feel the bulk within my calf which is compressing. I have to keep my leg straighten at times in case the muscle shrinks, and stretching and walking would be more tedious.

It is still much better to use crutches to support me; it allows me to use my left leg more instead of limping sideways and of course it reduces the number of times I put extra weight on it.

I am beginning to miss the healthy days when I jumped and ran about so much. It is pointless to dwell in the past but to always make sure I can cherish and make full use of the current so that I will not regret again in future.

Life goes on.

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