Pre-Admission testing date changed

[Wednesday, 13 September, 2006]

The nightmare of the sleeping hour continued.

Another thing I could not understand about my mum was that she insisted to switch on the air-con at night despite the heavy electricity bill. My elder brother was careless about the two hundreds plus dollars bill after using the air-con even during noon time, but she did not do anything other than complaining about him in front of me. So, I could describe them as like mother like son, or even the son outshone the parent. We were blood related though.

Apart from this nonsense of bills, since money could not buy happiness and I should skip it for the moment. But she obviously knew I was sick with flu, cough and sore throat and yet she switched on the air-con still. I had no room to escape to, except the living room which was not a very peasant place.

I battled the cold in my illness, could not doze off eventually, and finally decided to switch off the air-con. Though my nose was more relieved and could finally doze off at around five in the morning, I woke up to ease my bladder and refill my throat with water so frequently. From five to seven in the morning, I woke up numerous times.

I gave a call to SGH but they did not pick it up. I went directly for the Pre-Admission testing centre then and asked if I could proceed on with the testing when I was sick. They told me I could do it two days later, which would not affect my operation date. In fact, I actually felt like chicken out for the blood test; I was just a coward in fact of blood sucking instrument.

I went straight to Outram Polyclinic then and waited three hours before I could see the doctor. Out of the bottle of cough syrup, fungus medicine, some Lozenges and flu pills, and pimples cream, I had everything except for the latter. So once again I told myself I could become a doctor.

After reaching home, Gilbert messaged me online immediately. I took my lunch and had some discussion with him before taking the medicine and went to lie down. After a short conversation with Vivi over the phone while she was on her way home, I finally dozed off.

As we chatted over the phone again in the evening, she totally forgot that I was ill and requested me to sound lively and I almost banged my head on the table. I would settle for a sweet revenge once I recovered.

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