Second chalet day

[Wednesday, 21 September, 2006]

I woke up as early as five plus in the morning. Then, I waited for my mum to come as she promised to get me breakfast.

The nurse came and asked me to take a seat on the chair while she prepared my bed. I tried to get down and hurt my left leg even when I tried to put it on the floor so gently. She was shocked and apologised but it was my own intention to try walking since I could have hopped over with just my right leg.

Since I could not walk and had only a hand to move, I had to use the thymol gargle solution to rinse my mouth despite hating to trouble the nurse. My mum finally came at around eight but I had already finished my breakfast; the seventy to eighty percent done egg was quite nice.

When I was asked whether I wanted to take a bath, I said no because of the restriction of movement. They could have wheeled me over to the toilet but the needle on the back of my wrist was far too scary for me to move about. But since I had sweated, I allowed them to sponge me. It was an unusual experience.

Before the group of them came to help me, I asked for the removal of the needle on the back of my left wrist. It bled more than the previous time I had a drip and of course, there was more pain than ever. However, it was a nice feeling after that as I finally had both my hand free.

The female physiotherapist came finally and tried to get me to walk with the frame. It was a struggle to put my left foot flat onto the ground but I had to lean my leg backwards in order to do that. I sweated a lot while trying to walk and in the end the physiotherapist helped me to speak to the doctor to let me stay for one more day. However, she did not leave the frame with me that I could not walk by myself.

Vivi came to visit me again upon knowing that I would be staying for one more day but she left at around five thirty. It was a fun afternoon with lots of photos taken. She took some nice photos of me in good angles.

Vivi insisted me to write something into her diary

Vivi and I

Her diary

Sweet love

An artistic photo taken by Vivi of an ugly model. Picture is being distorted by me.

Taken by surprise again

Around evening, Yixin was attending to the patient besides me and seemed a bit shock to see that I was still around. The routine of taking my pulse, temperature and other things continued. While she was seriously and carefully taking my pulse again, I called out different numbers to distract her and eventually succeeded. I even took photos of her. I asked her and Jielin to get me a frame so that I could go to the toilet and they did not fail me.

My new good friend/enemy


I was surprised when Yixin told me she had watched the “Han Wu Da Di” show the night before as she was curious about why I wanted to watch it so badly. We had craps together with other nurses, and I mocked at them for going into the male’s toilet.

The most interesting thing came when the old patient besides me dressed up and even removed the drip by himself. Then, he was walking out with his bag when a male nurse who did not stop him, only until my mum and I shouted out. His relatives came later to persuade him to stay on and explained that the nurses did not give him any food because he was not supposed to eat and that the drip was sufficient to keep him alive.

It was a boring night after all the training nurses left, however, they told me it was their last day the next day and all of them would only be coming in the morning, which was just nice to send me off. Jielin was so sweet to “steal” the frame to keep by my side so that I could walk around by myself.

That night, I dozed off only for a while and then could not get to sleep until five. Suddenly, I decided to try listening to music, which worked after a repeat of the seven songs.

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