Taking care of two girls

[Saturday, 02 September, 2006]

She woke me up in the morning to ask me to the library to study and I promised her to meet at one. I looked at my watch and it was only eight plus. She woke me up the second time and I looked at my watch, it was still eight plus. I went back to sleep and later realised I had accidentally changed the mode to alarm time, which was set at 0840h, and that was why the time was forever eight plus.

Jesselyn and her Mac Flurry

Beloved Vivi

She was delayed as usual and we met after two. Even though I had been discouraging her from eating at fast food restaurant, her sister wanted it so much and I decided to make them happy for the day.

We proceeded to the library but could not find good seats and had to camp at the floor. It was a great distraction with her around because I could not keep my eyes off her. I did a little planning on my notebook but knowing my knowledge was still not enough to execute the plan.

Later, I did a little study on the PHP book, which I had just renewed, but got sleepy soon. After dozing off a while on her shoulder, next was a bad position with one elbow on the ground, which caused aching on my left shoulder. She gave me good massages and followed by her sister who unintentionally caused a pain on the inflamed shoulder. We ended the “studying” session before seven after she finished reading the storybook.

Next was a stop at the Old Chay Kee while we saw her two friends. After reaching her void deck, we took some photos but sadly, I did not get to take any with her.

Act cute

Act ugly

So cute!

Pretty sisters

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