The operation date was set

[Tuesday, 05 September, 2006]

Finally I got to know my operation’s date for my left calf – Thursday, 21 September, 2006.

I arrived at Clinic “C” twenty-five minutes earlier and waited for more than half an hour before my number was called. I knew that I would be able to go in quite early (compared to usual) since I was the third to reach, though it was not in sequence.

It was Dr. Tay who attended to me. He was a pleasant looking guy who was much better than other specialists in terms of sincerity; he was careful and patient in explaining details to me and did not rush me out. I betted I was hesitating quite long inside and delayed the next appointment.

The problem with my calf was a kind of tumour, but not a major one. The overgrowth of blood vessel was said to be somehow happened during the growing and developing years of my life, which of course was a bad sign.

Dr. Tay was talking to Dr. Sebastian and they seemed to be impressed that the muscle there was very well-built. I thought it was good and flattering until they explained to be some of the muscle would be sliced off as well. I was stunned. There would also be a long scar and a little dent-in.

I was scared of course and it was not the usual shivering, but a vomiting one just like having a blood test. I was not sure if my face was pale a not, but the imagination of the operation, cutting of my blood vessel and the blood that would flow out were terrifying.

Since the lump was getting so obvious for the past few months, giving me irritation and might get worse in future, I decided to remove it.

After leaving the room, I went to another room to make appointment and get more details from the nurse. Then, I realised I had to go for another appointment one week before the operation at the Pre-Admission Testing Centre. A blood test and more awaited me…

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