When she first went to BMCC

[Sunday, 03 September, 2006]

Finally I got to show her to some of my BMCC volleyball friends.

Before that was meet up at BM bus interchange and a little tour inside the NTUC to search for her FBT shorts but we realised her neighbour might have made a mistake. Then, we went to the hawker centre for our lunch.

She took chicken rice at a stall called something like “888 Chicken”, where they served very dried rice with only a few pieces of meat which did not seem appetizing to me at all. Whereas, I took a plate of chicken chop from the opposite stall for four bucks, of a small serving also, but the taste was quite alright. The drinks stall gave us free tissue paper.

We reached the community centre at around three thirty, an hour after the scheduled time, but only Jingpeng, Kok Chiang, Jingkun and another ITE girl was around. At first I thought they might tease me over her and so I did not brief anything and they pretended I was alone. Then, I realised it was a wrong move.

So, for the first hour I was struck there sitting on the ground besides her. She was too shy to do anything and refusing to play volleyball even when she was already dressed in sports attire. I could have dragged her out to play but maybe I was too lack of sleep and lazy to make any move.

There were a number of rare faces around. The worst thing was the absence of the CTSS girls who I thought she could click with and also the presence of only a few girls. Mingfa was however smart enough to suggest her to play with my camera instead.

The games went on well except for the recurrence of same mistake like in the past – the enthusiastic of the players. It was really fine at first when everyone was still fit enough but as the bodies were drained, it was not welcoming to see half-hearted faces who did not seem to want to move at all.

I felt bad for having to leave her there alone. The worst thing was that she did not even want to go nearer to the court so that no ball would hit her and thus she could not catch our jokes. Even though sometimes my friends’ girlfriends also watched by the side without any complaint, I was sure she had better things to do. The feeling was worse when she had to call her friends in order to entertain herself.

It was a regret to play my last game though nobody expected it to be so bored. After changing, they were ready to pack up as well and I was sure Mingfa knew what was going on despite the urging from some of them to have more games and that was why he stopped it.

I ended the stress and finally left the place with her. I was supposed to send her home but as we reached the bus interchange, her mum called and wanted to pick her up. In fact, her mum was already around the area some time ago to search for her previous daughter. It was very saddening that I still had to hide myself when she went to meet her family up.

I went back to join the rest and we went to dine at KFC again. This time, we confirmed that for each student meal required one student card each. This stupid idea could have pissed so many customers off; we could easily queue up the second or third time if we only had a student card with us. I understood the management of MacDonald’s was much better than KFC and that was why MacDonald’s had attracted more customers.


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