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There is a big problem with me that whenever I face any small problem, I take it too seriously to heart. This is why I always have lots of stress when problems come at the same time. Perhaps, for most people they would have decisively employed methods to solve them without as much consideration.

The sudden emerge of this issue is brought upon by a recall to write a testimonial in Friendster.

To most people, they would just treat it as a small favour, but it means absolutely big business to me. I never want to misuse this feature in Friendster or even to give a slightest aid to boost the tragedy.

I never want to accept testimonials like “Hi hi.. can write me back?”, though it can increase the number of collection to show off, but I am always afraid that rejecting might cause a misunderstanding.

As to appease the party, you may consider spending your time to write back, but if you do not know that person well, what are you supposed to write?

“I think you are a nice guy, yet to be confirmed. See you!” – Something like this?

I cannot probably follow the trend of the attentions-needed people due to my principles, writing worthless and meaningless texts to testify a person’s character.

They always put me in dilemma.

Stubborn is me.

Link: http://sillydumb.blogspot.com/2006/08/testimonial.html

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