My second birthday present

[Sunday, 29 October, 2006]

Gilbert wanted so badly to help me with the decoration of the chalet and we met up at Bugis. Nobody else was free except for Jielin.

It was a bad day for me as the buns I took were causing indigestion somehow and I felt so awful. Another thing was when I forgot to put the batteries from the charger into the camera and even the spare batteries were on the table as I took them out few days ago; I brought out a camera without any battery at all. There were nice moments waiting for my camera and it was really sad look at my pouch which held the camera.

Jielin arrived some time later and we met her up and went to Suntec City. We continued to shop for her shoes as Gilbert bought me a swimming trunk as my present. That was the second one I had received for this year’s birthday.

Jielin testing cap. My 6230I’s camera is lousy.

My second birthday present – Swimming trunk

We camped at MacDonald’s after that while we took our dinner. We sat and chilled up for more than an hour, trying to finish up the fries. It was near 7pm when we walked Jielin to the taxi stand and accompanied her to behind the long queue.

After that, Gilbert and I walked to the Cityhall MRT station and finally ended our day. It was a cool day.

To the Career Fair

[Saturday, 28 October, 2006]

When Kwang Han asked me if I were going for the Career Fair at Suntec City, it was still early and I had not confirmed with Wen Chang over it, so I said no. I checked with Wen Chang on our earlier plan to go but he was out with his friends, watch movie.

Eventually I dropped the idea of going since there was still another day to go.

Then, in the late afternoon, Ah Chang SMSed me again, saying he was there with his friends. I quickly changed up and just when I was walking halfway, he told me the place was boring and he was going off soon.

I went on even though I knew I would be alone. On the way, I was messaging Mike as well and he encouraged me to go.

True enough, the fair was quite small, as compared to those IT fairs which I had gone before.

I really hated to walk alone, feeling so weird. I did not approach any of the stations, and just briskly walked around holding my phone and replying messages. Nothing really interested me.

The only benefits I got were a magazine which would help me a bit on finding work and also the babe-sighting. There were many babes among the staffs, but there might be lots of disguise with the thick makeup.

I did not stay for long and left to catch my Hong Kong drama show about a hacker.

I took bus 196 home and was on time to catch the approaching one. The interior design of the bus was nicely done, spacious and there was no stairs at the doors, which was very convenient for the passengers.

Picture taken inside the bus discreetly, in case the passengers thought I was taking shots of them; that caused the blurness.

New Guestbook

I have been ignoring my Guestbook since I have not found one really good one yet.
For so many years, without changing, I keep to HTMLgears’ service from Lycos. I know the loading speed to view or sign it is hell slow but since nobody has complaint to me, I leave it alone.
Recently there have been excess spamming on the guestbook, though does not disrupt the display since I have to approve them before they will be shown up; however, the emails I have been receiving are getting annoying.
I can stop it from emailing me but I still have to housekeep the guestbook initially; I have to log in and find those spam entries and delete them. Alas, I decide to change the Guestbook to a new one which is hosted by my own server and actually has been up for a few months ago; I am always too busy to design it.
And for now, I shall just leave the colours and fonts as they are.
Sign the Guestbook (gone with the wind!) for me!

Say Goodbye

[Thursday, 26 October, 2006]

This night when Wenhao suddenly messaged me in MSN to say “good night”, a recurrence of the past internet life came into my mind.

That was the time when ICQ was ruling, other than IRC.

There were fewer online chatters when unlimited internet account was not so widely used, and at late hours, usually the ICQ list would be very empty; most of the late sleepers would bid their online contacts goodbye before logging off.

At this era when technology has fully merged into everyone’s life, internet was reachable to most families in Singapore. However, at the convenience of able to chat with more friends online, you get to ignore more and more friends as you cannot spend your time with everyone.

The internet, supposing to link people up and fasten communication, apparently starts to distant friends.


Lagging behind time again, I am still having some blog entries to catch up with before forgetting. There are also some posted entries lacking the photos which I am supposed to upload.

I cannot keep up with the pace anymore.

Planning for the chalet is killing me when people cannot confirm whether they want to stay or even to go down. Gathering is just so difficult nowadays and it shows more of how much people value our friendship; some people facing examinations and late work are going down for my sake.

I cannot stand it when childish things get into my way suddenly to halt every step of mine. My brain seems to be like squeezed.

Photo-taking at Botanical Gardens

[Tuesday, 24 October, 2006]

After so long, I finally got to meet up with XX Liang. He was my closest ex platoon-mate other than my bunkmates.

We were supposed to meet up at 8am in the morning but suddenly he delayed the timing when I was almost ready to leave my house. I arrived much earlier and waited at Tanglin Mall for him. After strolling around the entrance aimlessly, I went into the MacDonald’s to have my breakfast.

We began our artistic day of photo-taking soon after he arrived. Sadly, I was in a very lousy condition due to extreme lack of sleep as we chatted till quite late before logging off. I was unable to take ideal standard of pictures.

The place seemed like a pet shop for dog-lovers with all kinds of different dogs; unfortunately there was no babe. There were many photographers using big and expensive cameras with tripod stands, which made my camera look so cheap.

It was an amazing experience to get near to swans when other visitors were feeding them; too bad they did not position themselves well enough after we camped there for quite long. It was a pity that Orchids Gardens required money to enter and I would not have minded if the fee was less than three bucks.

We took many pictures but eventually I forgot to take one with XX Liang eating flower; both of us never appeared in a same picture as well.

We covered half of the place and decided to leave since the other portion did not seem interesting. Then, we went to Tanglin Mall to have a drink and left after walking around the building.

The hole in the trunk of the SGD$5 note tree.

The SGD$5 note tree.

Just a leaf in the early morning, so fresh!

The falling plants, stretched along the long path.

Pretty flower.


Water lily?

Cyclist on the plant.

Hot dog lookalike cactuses.

Crabs lookalike plants.

My favourite cactus picture.

Cactus again.



Pocky plantation.


Weird but interesting thing. Seems like watering the plants.

Another plant.

The pond.


Swans. Too bad they did not pose nicely for me.

Feeding the swan.

Too close view. Argh!

The swan dance, too bad not facing us.

Fishes eating?

Cat tail or what?


Cute girl at the grassland.

Nice tree? Effect wasn’t as nice as expected.

Nice flow of water.

The trademark at the gate.

With me.

Final Day of Work at Warehouse Sales

[Friday, 27 October, 2006]

In my second day of working in the warehouse sales, things did not go smooth again.

Since I was told to reach there an hour earlier than the previous day, at nine o’clock in the morning, sleeping at two plus was killing me. The alarm clock and my phone failed to pull me out of the bed and I was almost late.

I walked all the way there again and saw Tze Siang near the place who told me it was still locked. The scary woman and her boyfriend reached next and through her talking over the phone, we knew the holder of the key was just on the way to Pasir Ris, and would take more than twenty minutes to reach.

Liying reached with her friend, Jingling and we went down to have a quick bite at the joint Cheers and Delifrance at Boulevard. I did not really like the service and the spring roll was just of normal taste. Anyway, it could be noisier if Yitian was around but she was sick. After we got back, the place was not opened yet.

Beginning of work was a briefing, which I thought was not a very pleasant one. The announcement of restriction to chatting was quite crappy, creating very bad atmosphere for all the staffs especially those who were not related to that family business.

Tze Siang, Kwang Han and I were tasked to collect belongings from the clients before they could go in as there was no CCTV or any security against theft. The hectic of the job required more than two persons. One problem was that the old man at the front was not alert enough to catch all the customers with big bags to guide them over; I gave chase to a few of them further into the sales area.

There were also big problems like the customers did not want to leave their belongings there and we met some very crucial cases. There was limited space, no shelves, and therefore it was useless even when we tried our best to put close range of numbers together; things got so messy when there were many customers approaching at one time.

I took three bottles of mineral water and left them at the counter. An arrogant guy called Kevin came over with another guy, insisting that the station required only two persons. He was right about the old man not able to do his part of job efficiently to lead customers to deposit their belongings over, but his tone sucked. Then, he and his follower took two of the bottles on the table without asking, drank half and left them there; it was so rude of him.

Soon, Kwang Han was pulled away to distribute flyers. A newcomer was inserted into our team as part-timer, who seemed quite relaxed. That guy’s presence was of little use actually and he did not stay for long and I was not really sure what he was supposed to do; perhaps he was one of the neglected lucky guys.

After some time, David, probably at the age of fourteen, was told to join Tze Siang and me; his arrogance could match Kevin’s. Since he was somehow related to the family, he could have much say. He was lazing around often, degrading the morale of the rest of the non-related staffs. He disappeared from my station soon.

Recovering middle finger taken nearing a week later

It was all thanks to Yuqing for helping out us at times. I had tried my best to serve each customer with smiles and the quickest speed I could offer, but it was never enough. I accidentally injured myself a few times since the number tags were all laminated with sharp edges; the skins at the joint of nails and fingers were cut.

I got so tired. Even before my operation, I could not stand for so long due to my knee injuries; but I had to hold it for almost the whole day. We had a few chairs but the family-related staffs took them away due to limited number of chairs; how selfish.

My work area was the saddest station other than being described as the toughest by Yuqing. We got to see all babes coming in, compared to previously inside the store was huge difference but it was sad when the babes were leaving; whereas we would not feel anything inside the store.

Lunch time was great as we could finally sit down to rest. Liying came into the store and there was some exchange of greeting. Next was Nat who I always called her “Xiao Mei Mei” (Little girl in Chinese) and she came in just nice to witness Yuqing having a seed of rice on his cheek. Suddenly I was accused of being flirting; I thought a little crap was good enough to disperse the boredom and frustration accumulated. It became so quiet once I stopped talking.

I saw a few cute girls and one looked identical to Huiyi. Others were very skinny and stylish while some older ones were gorgeous. Tze Siang’s CCHSM cute girl came with her mum for the second day. We wanted to help him get the number but did not get any good chance since we could not leave the station. As we entrusted the job to Yuqing while we went to take dinner, her dad had come along too and our plan failed.

Anyway, there was an extremely bad situation while Yuqing was away to get us dinner. His aunt, Pauline, came over to lecture Tze Siang and I just because a customer was holding the blue plastic bag and claimed that we gave it to him or her. It was stupid since anyone could just buy something and bring the plastic bag in to smuggle items out; just a blue plastic bag alone was a bad way to accuse us. This totally changed my impression of Auntie Pauline.

The boyfriend of the scary woman was said to be aiming at Yuqing and Kwang Han’s friend, Chun Ming, and it changed my opinion of him.

I guessed I was just not very comfortable with rich people; most of them were too carefree and thus had more confidence than others, which did not mean they were cleverer than normal people. People who tried to act smart and gave others pressures were pests of the working society.

At the end of the day, Yuqing, Chun Ming, Tze Siang, Kwang Han and I had a little dessert feast at Lau Pa Sat, where we chatted about the whole event. We got to know from Yuqing about the situation and characteristic of the people.

The work was definitely a new experience and I got to know more things about warehouse sales thanks to Yuqing, even though that was the first time Yuqing’s aunt was organising it.

On the way home, found Ah Boon’s company

Gorgeous Capital Tower, quite a lousy shot though

Part-time Job at Overseas Union House

[Thursday, 26 October, 2006]

Yuqing introduced me to a part time job for his relatives and I was quite keen to take it up at first when I thought it was only for a day. Then, I got a disappointed as it stretched over the weekends when I had to go for the Career Fair at Suntec City and also to prepare for my chalet.

Later on, he told me that I could choose to just work for any amount of time. It was a great news but I had to give up on my photography trips which I intended to take up for these two days. I promised him to go, yet having the fear that my body might not be able to take it.

I wanted to wake up early for some photo-taking around my neighbourhood but since I could not doze off until four plus in the morning, the tiredness stalled me from getting away from the bed. Then, I was down-lucked and had to go to the MRT to settle my shit, but to realise the toilet at such central area was filled with stinks.

I walked all the way towards Overseas Union House and met Tze Siang nearby. I was quite lost when the building I expected to be the place was said not the location. We asked around at the next building but the security guards did not know where it was. I looked at the map at the entrance of MRT to confirm the place but it was too late since Yuqing’s Aunt, Pauline, had already called me to meet us up.

We eventually met up with Yuqing at the place. We did some registration and then started working for the warehouse sales. The clothes included QuikSilver, Billabong, Rip Curl, South Pole and other brands, costing $29.90 each piece and discount of four for the price of three. For the materials, I thought the clothes quite worth it but certainly was still expensive for me.

We were told to take care of a small area and it was already hell for us. Other than picking up the transparent plastic covers of the shirts on the floor, I packed the shirts which were immediately messed up again. I received so many questions like where to find what and what were the prices, which attached question marks to my brain.

There were some complaints from customers regarding the disorganisation and I did not take it to heart since I knew clearly they were rubbish and could never do it better at a warehouse sales where there were simply too many old stocks to finish off.

Every of the part-timers tried so hard to satisfy the customers, going to the store to check for different sizes of clothes when everything was packed in boxes. The colours were very similar and I had so much trouble conducting the searches especially with my backache.

I did not want to be paid for nothing and spent my utmost effort to satisfy each customer but one of the big shots stopped us from looking for items in the store. Later on, I realised it was correct since it was never-ending job and we were seriously shortage of manpower. The idea was to just let the customers take whatever they want and we would just top up the stocks.

However, since some customers had witnessed us find the clothes for other customers, it was difficult to cut the overwhelming service from us; at least I felt bad to give negative feeling to the small group of them though it would not really affect anything.

Basically, Tze Siang and I were following instructions from Yuqing. He was one of the big shots there obviously since the business belonged to his family. I preferred hanging up the wrapped clothes one by one from the boxes together. It was less stressful and we could get to crap together. One bad thing was that sitting down hurt my back while standing up hurt my legs.

We had a late lunch, managed to meet up with Kwang Han and then went to Lau Pa Sat. I took Fish and Chips but had to gobble up the food since I waited quite long for it. Later on, Kwang Han followed us there and left soon.

Working soon got boring and thinking of the low amount of pay it really sucked, but of course one of the purposes was to gain experience as well as helping and accompanying Yuqing. The reason why I preferred to work for familiar faces was that I knew I would do my best in my and not every boss or company worth my effort.

I was dying soon and at this point of time, two very talkative and friendly secondary three girls joined us and Yuqing enjoyed their companion so much, leaving Tze Siang and I with our boredom.

Anyway, it was not a very satisfying day without seeing many pretty babes. There were only a few quite satisfying looking girls, inclusive of “Ah Lian”. Whereas Tze Siang had his enjoyment at the start of the work with a cute secondary four girl and her mum, as he served them wholeheartedly.

Yuqing had a cousin who was quite sweet and also was the classmates of the earlier mentioned two friendly girls. Another sporty and capable girl seemed to be one of his relatives as well.

Things got worse as predicted when Yuqing left to meet his friend for movie at Vivo City; I did not really wish to stay actually, but decided to persist on. The situation of being in the screwed up place months ago appeared again. Some people acted smarter than they were and took control.

Tze Siang and I left for dinner at Lau Pa Sat again and this time I ordered Chinese mixed rice. We sat around since we finished our meals fast and I took a few photos of the night scenery to test the camera’s function.

Basically, Tze Siang and I were taking orders from others after Yuqing left. They were quite nice people but somehow the lady reminded me of the scary lady who made me do illegal stuffs during my job attachment. Some time after I took my own initiative to clear up the store, that guy came and told us to clear the place up. He sounded in a nice manner and I knew he meant to teach us but some of his instructions were redundant, causing extra work load.

It was an extremely tiring day and I strolled home, feeling so drained.