211006 Nightmare

There seems to be more and more things which pile up in my life, putting me in dilemma. One of the recent problems is the day “Saturday, 21 October, 2006”, which is really a hectic day for me.

There may be a GESS volleyball outing at the beach on that day when I still cannot put strength on my left leg. The worse of all is my twins friends, Fatty Si and Pretty Yun, and also Ivan’s twenty-first birthday celebration. Ivan’s party is held together with all the army guys’ ORD celebration at Rongji’s place.

I can go for the beach outing and probably leave earlier, but the other two parties are held at almost the same time – 1800h. I have to divide myself at two places, Chinese Gardens and Serangoon, by then.

I am at a tight spot because the twins are my very good friends since seven years ago and my army friends are people who have fought by my side for more than a year against so many hypocrites; all of them are important.

Another big problem is that I am not supposed to take any junk food; I have not eaten chicken, eggs, other seafood and any cold food for as long as since after my operation. My mum wants me to fast over them for three months.

I am getting sick of fish but of course, fillet-o-fish should be fine. After the three months, the first thing that I am going to eat will be western food or fast food!

Am I going to starve for the whole day then on that Saturday or perhaps, chew on bread for my three meals?

Another problem is I do not even know how far I can walk by then.

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