Banning of online gaming in U.S

“Online gaming in crisis over U.S. ban” – This is the latest news I get from the internet.

For whoever is reading this post, I assume this will affect you in one or another way, because you are an internet user.

How often have you seen popup poker or casino advertisement when you are surfing the net? Some free software is also mounted with spy-ware which will invest your windows and slow the system down.

With the ban of online gaming over U.S, it will greatly reduce the needs of advertising for the money-seeking companies. The redundant of the advertising will reduce the availability of the popup advertisements and spy-wares.

In my next assumption, with no survey or research done, online gambling is one of the biggest advertisement-paying industries other than porn. It may then affect many revenue seekers who provide free services and also the industries’ affiliates.

However, since most decent and well established websites do not use online gaming advertisement, the impact may not be big.


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