Copyright issue

After seeing Ganz’s blog entry about deleting his poems from his blog, I came to a caution as well. After chatting with him, I realised he had also faced the problem of people stealing his work.

I deleted those entries with poems in my blog after some thoughts.

It had been for at least five years, I displayed my work over the internet through my website. Though I had implemented a little security, at least making it tougher for thieves, it was never enough.

It had started since the old IRC days lamers had been stealing my work. Be it how lousy I had tried to express myself in a different way, you could never deny at least one soul in this world would appreciate; however, appreciating and borrowing were different issues.

You would never want your work to be published around and yet nobody recognise you.

I am sorry but there are just too many black sheep in this world, especially when internet does not show their faces. I am therefore considering the removal of “My Arts” from my main site.

What do you think?

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