First round of labelling blog entries

If you have noticed about my blog entries, I have added “labels” on the bottom of each post. The label is a new feature of Blogger Beta, which is similar as some blog providers’ “tags” feature. It is to classify the blog entries into categories for convenience visitors.

I have spent many nights looking through my entire blog to do it. Since I have only started off with some label names in mind, I realise the need for other label names after reading through all the entries. There would be a second round of adding of labels and making of amendments when I am free.

However, I realise labels with many entries would not display all of them. This is a big setback ever since I have been spending so much time on the adding of labels; however, if you click on the label, it would still lead you to some entries of the same topic.

There is also a problem with displaying of pictures when the list is very long. If such problem occurs, you may want to click the permalink of that particular entry and you can probably see the whole entry and attached pictures.

Do try the labels.

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