Founder of Carbon Copy in MSN

[Sunday, 16 October, 2006]

Composing an email in Gmail

When you are composing an email, there are a few text fields for you to fill in like the “To:”, “CC:” and “BCC:”. Have you ever wondered what are they?

The first field “To:” is obvious for inputting of the actual recipient’s email address. The second one “CC:” means Carbon Copy, which is for people who is involved or should be aware of the contents of the email. The last one “BCC:” stands for Blind Carbon Copy, which is for secret addressee who will not be known to the rest.

(For more information, you may go to

I hope you understand the meaning of “Carbon Copy” and hereby I proudly present this invention of Gilbert for collaborate it into MSN.

He opened a few MSN chat with different people and added me into each of the conversations. Then, he told me he had carbon copied to me the contents of the discussion.


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