Haze and smokers

Rain brings haze respite, cleanest air in weeks (url gone!)
The haze is finally dispersing, and in the last couple of days, PSI was much lower. I am now able to view better sceneries and also plan for future journeys.
Die haze, die!
People have been complaining that breathing in the presence of haze is similar to smoking; most people blame the haze on the selfish companies in Indonesia. I agree to them though the assholes might have their own difficulties but this haze problem is bringing out another health issue, which most people have not been protesting enough about.
I want to air out my voice that there are things within our control as humans with brains and conscience; we cannot stop the fire in Indonesia, but we can at least stop smokers from suffocating us in public places.
If you light out a cigarette in public places, you are causing harms to others’ health just like the starters of the haze; you are sinned.
The Indonesians have not enforced their laws well enough to stop the assholes from burning trees, but how about us?
I see lifts bearing “No Smoking” signs but I smell smoke; I know air-conditioned places are not allowed to smoke but I still smell smoke inside at times.
Laws are imposed, but are the enforcers able to carry them out?

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