I made it home!

I was amazed that I could make it home in the end, but however, almost fully exhausted myself.

Ou Xiang had kindly dug out her barbecue equipments for me but due to my disabilities, I could not collect it from her. This dragged on and the owner of her current accommodation, her auntie, had been nagging at her; the problem was that she had to repack them back into the boxes, which was hell job.

I tried to seek help but to no avail. In the end I had to push myself down to collect the stuffs all by myself to avoid further harass of her by her auntie.

I tried to sleep as early as two o’clock in the morning but failed again, ending up with the four o’clock time smiling at me.

I told her I would call her before leaving my house but decided not to wake her up so early. I missed the stop eventually when my mind was multi-tasking. Anyway, I was not really sure where her house was but just walked back using my feeling.

It was just like a mountain and I had to climb up stairs after stairs. Finally, I saw her block number and was relieved. She took a few minutes to open the door and I saw to my terror.

The stuffs included one packet of charcoal, which was unused during her last barbecue. That was the heaviest bag of all. I left with the three big plastic bags in worries.

Ou Xiang’s flat

Down the slope


And more stairs

The bus-stop home was far away. I had to climb down the stairs, taking rest at intervals. And when I was about to reach the Keng Seng road, bus 75 passed by right in front of me. In the end, I waited for more than twenty minutes in the haze where construction work site behind me caused greater harms.

Both my hands started to ache soon and my legs were weak. I struggled on eventually reached home with even my butts aching.

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