Life without internet

[Monday, 09 October, 2006]

As I was downloading latest version of NVIDIA graphics card driver, the process stopped upon six minutes to completion. At the same time, I had finished a blog entry and was waiting for Blogger site to load. It was around three plus in the early morning and later, I gave up since the internet connection seemed helpless.

Hours later, after I caught a little sleep, went for my medical appointment and finally returned, I had totally forgotten about the internet connection problem. It did not bother me at first since I was able to connect and check my emails like usual until minutes later, it died on me again.

This waiting was horrible. I did try shutting down the computers and modem, and after some time switching them on again. It did work for the past but not this time round.

It bothered me tremendously since I was on the verge to launch my new site which required a minor edition and information from the internet. I was so eager to spread it while inviting my guests for the birthday chalet since it provided more than sufficient information and help that I needed.

Gilbert had witnessed the site and I was absolutely delighted to hear him sing compliments; his standard had been high and all my websites were not even up to borderline marks. Of course, I had some doubts that he was trying to not stress me so much like usual but there was this possibility that he adopted only formal looking websites.

I had a few blog entries to work on but the internet was pulling me away from the monitor; I was restless to fight and eventually dozed off in front of the television. Vivi woke me up soon and then the second time just minutes after.

I got up to bath and play game since I was unable to doze off again. Romance of the three kingdoms series three kept me occupied until my elder brother returned. Near midnight, internet connection resumed.

He told me he had only updated the version of the router. It could be new updates on the Max-Online side that the router’s software was incompatible and thus required updating.

Normal life resumed then. Life without internet connection was hell for a cripple.

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