My first step out

[Friday, 13 October, 2006]

Jielin asked me to join her and the other mad girls out some time ago but I never thought I could walk properly. I did not expect her to remember to call me again on the actual day which I had planned to get cracking with my websites. Since I noticed my leg was getting better, I agreed.

My mum cooked instant noodle (without egg again) for me so that I could leave anytime but it started to rain after that. Since I could not find my umbrella and did not want to bring a big one out, I waited near my door for the rain to stop.

In fact, I had trimmed my hair since quite long ago and waiting for just before my chalet to get it neat again, thus I looked terribly ugly. However, that did not stop me from going to crowded and trendy place such as orchard.

Jielin gave me another call and told me Cecilia was leaving soon and I grabbed a larger foldable one and left the house. Luckily, the rain had stopped.

I had some problems walking at first. I tried to walk fast and my left calf started to cramp a little. However, as I walked more, the pain seemed to vanish slowly; I supposed this was what the physiotherapist had told me about getting used to the pain.

My walking speed was not even half of my usual one before the operation. I realised by making larger step on my left leg, I could walk faster. However, the slopes made it difficult for me to walk. I hated any stare from passers-by but could not help it when I had to climb the two long flocks of stairs down unless I had to travel far to the other side of the entrance.

Since my left ankle still could not bend due to the calf, it was impossible for me to move the right leg first when I was climbing the stairs and I supposed it would take a very long time to fully recover.

I was really glad to reach Hereen since it was my first time going out alone without using crutches and without taking a cab.

I met them outside “Action City” shop. I started teasing Jielin for she looked like a bamboo in her sleeveless shirt and later kept asking whether she was sick a not.

Look at Kim’s finger…

After walking rounds and rounds, we moved on to Wisma. We got into the Topshop where I managed to get presents and caused another burn on my ATM card. The girls were really nice and interesting people. The fascinating part was when they asked Kim to wear a feminine shirt, she pointed middle finger immediately.

We moved on to the basement level, walked around for quite some time before we departed at the MRT station around evening time.

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