Never say forever

An issue has been circulating my mind for years for as long as I know how to love the opposite sex.

When we are young, the feeling may not be very certain; we cannot differential between puppy love and true love; I am never a saint and I can never exceed what human beings can never attain as well.

But I know well love is almost never possible to last when it is one sided; be it one month, one year or one decade, you will eventually realise the cruelty of life and meanwhile, meet someone better.

I have been hurt numerous times and although each time I was so terribly upset, I knew well I would not like the girl forever; at least I was able to face the reality of life and thus able to get over it faster than others.

Why would one want to persist in a relationship which the other party has hurt he or she so badly? Do you know how badly it will affect you in health and other issues? People who tend to be more devoted and stubborn will eventually get hurt more; but they do not realise they cannot retrieve their health, smiles and loss of time.

There are too many movies and love storybooks which have impacted a lot on youngsters. How many pairs of Romeo and Juliet are there on earth? True love does exist, but it takes both hands to clap.

I have a few female friends who have committed this mistake. I watch by the side as they refuse to listen to my advice that they will eventually find better and more worthy partners, until this day I wonder will they ever recall and think they are silly when they have found their new love.

Make no empty promise; you can promise to try to love a person forever, but not claim that you can love him or her forever.

I sincerely pray hard for those whose loves are not appreciated, to soon get over it and find true meaning in life.

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