New Guestbook

I have been ignoring my Guestbook since I have not found one really good one yet.
For so many years, without changing, I keep to HTMLgears’ service from Lycos. I know the loading speed to view or sign it is hell slow but since nobody has complaint to me, I leave it alone.
Recently there have been excess spamming on the guestbook, though does not disrupt the display since I have to approve them before they will be shown up; however, the emails I have been receiving are getting annoying.
I can stop it from emailing me but I still have to housekeep the guestbook initially; I have to log in and find those spam entries and delete them. Alas, I decide to change the Guestbook to a new one which is hosted by my own server and actually has been up for a few months ago; I am always too busy to design it.
And for now, I shall just leave the colours and fonts as they are.
Sign the Guestbook (gone with the wind!) for me!

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