New site – Birthday 2006

[Tuesday, 10 October, 2006]

After almost a week of preparation, my new website is finally out. is dedicated to provide information regarding my year 2006 birthday chalet.

The design is more formal than my other websites.

The uniqueness is the banner. The background consists of pictures taken during outings with my volleyball buddies and campmates, which are the two main groups of friends I am inviting. The foreground consists of pictures of me smiling and one which was taken with Vivi.

I took around two days to come out with the draft information with the help of Gilbert, Ou Xiang and Peh. There were distractions the days after which had slowed down the progress of the website building, but I managed to fill in for the time loss by working through the night for a couple of days.

It was stalled over the weekends when I needed to call the resort for some information; perhaps, I should have just given it a try to call them.

Finally, with Gilbert’s lenient grading and kind words, I was more confident about the site. However, when there was just minor information to be clarified online, my internet connection was down on the day I was supposed to proudly announce it.

I should have completed this simple website much earlier.

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