Part-time Job at Overseas Union House

[Thursday, 26 October, 2006]

Yuqing introduced me to a part time job for his relatives and I was quite keen to take it up at first when I thought it was only for a day. Then, I got a disappointed as it stretched over the weekends when I had to go for the Career Fair at Suntec City and also to prepare for my chalet.

Later on, he told me that I could choose to just work for any amount of time. It was a great news but I had to give up on my photography trips which I intended to take up for these two days. I promised him to go, yet having the fear that my body might not be able to take it.

I wanted to wake up early for some photo-taking around my neighbourhood but since I could not doze off until four plus in the morning, the tiredness stalled me from getting away from the bed. Then, I was down-lucked and had to go to the MRT to settle my shit, but to realise the toilet at such central area was filled with stinks.

I walked all the way towards Overseas Union House and met Tze Siang nearby. I was quite lost when the building I expected to be the place was said not the location. We asked around at the next building but the security guards did not know where it was. I looked at the map at the entrance of MRT to confirm the place but it was too late since Yuqing’s Aunt, Pauline, had already called me to meet us up.

We eventually met up with Yuqing at the place. We did some registration and then started working for the warehouse sales. The clothes included QuikSilver, Billabong, Rip Curl, South Pole and other brands, costing $29.90 each piece and discount of four for the price of three. For the materials, I thought the clothes quite worth it but certainly was still expensive for me.

We were told to take care of a small area and it was already hell for us. Other than picking up the transparent plastic covers of the shirts on the floor, I packed the shirts which were immediately messed up again. I received so many questions like where to find what and what were the prices, which attached question marks to my brain.

There were some complaints from customers regarding the disorganisation and I did not take it to heart since I knew clearly they were rubbish and could never do it better at a warehouse sales where there were simply too many old stocks to finish off.

Every of the part-timers tried so hard to satisfy the customers, going to the store to check for different sizes of clothes when everything was packed in boxes. The colours were very similar and I had so much trouble conducting the searches especially with my backache.

I did not want to be paid for nothing and spent my utmost effort to satisfy each customer but one of the big shots stopped us from looking for items in the store. Later on, I realised it was correct since it was never-ending job and we were seriously shortage of manpower. The idea was to just let the customers take whatever they want and we would just top up the stocks.

However, since some customers had witnessed us find the clothes for other customers, it was difficult to cut the overwhelming service from us; at least I felt bad to give negative feeling to the small group of them though it would not really affect anything.

Basically, Tze Siang and I were following instructions from Yuqing. He was one of the big shots there obviously since the business belonged to his family. I preferred hanging up the wrapped clothes one by one from the boxes together. It was less stressful and we could get to crap together. One bad thing was that sitting down hurt my back while standing up hurt my legs.

We had a late lunch, managed to meet up with Kwang Han and then went to Lau Pa Sat. I took Fish and Chips but had to gobble up the food since I waited quite long for it. Later on, Kwang Han followed us there and left soon.

Working soon got boring and thinking of the low amount of pay it really sucked, but of course one of the purposes was to gain experience as well as helping and accompanying Yuqing. The reason why I preferred to work for familiar faces was that I knew I would do my best in my and not every boss or company worth my effort.

I was dying soon and at this point of time, two very talkative and friendly secondary three girls joined us and Yuqing enjoyed their companion so much, leaving Tze Siang and I with our boredom.

Anyway, it was not a very satisfying day without seeing many pretty babes. There were only a few quite satisfying looking girls, inclusive of “Ah Lian”. Whereas Tze Siang had his enjoyment at the start of the work with a cute secondary four girl and her mum, as he served them wholeheartedly.

Yuqing had a cousin who was quite sweet and also was the classmates of the earlier mentioned two friendly girls. Another sporty and capable girl seemed to be one of his relatives as well.

Things got worse as predicted when Yuqing left to meet his friend for movie at Vivo City; I did not really wish to stay actually, but decided to persist on. The situation of being in the screwed up place months ago appeared again. Some people acted smarter than they were and took control.

Tze Siang and I left for dinner at Lau Pa Sat again and this time I ordered Chinese mixed rice. We sat around since we finished our meals fast and I took a few photos of the night scenery to test the camera’s function.

Basically, Tze Siang and I were taking orders from others after Yuqing left. They were quite nice people but somehow the lady reminded me of the scary lady who made me do illegal stuffs during my job attachment. Some time after I took my own initiative to clear up the store, that guy came and told us to clear the place up. He sounded in a nice manner and I knew he meant to teach us but some of his instructions were redundant, causing extra work load.

It was an extremely tiring day and I strolled home, feeling so drained.

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