Photo-taking at Botanical Gardens

[Tuesday, 24 October, 2006]

After so long, I finally got to meet up with XX Liang. He was my closest ex platoon-mate other than my bunkmates.

We were supposed to meet up at 8am in the morning but suddenly he delayed the timing when I was almost ready to leave my house. I arrived much earlier and waited at Tanglin Mall for him. After strolling around the entrance aimlessly, I went into the MacDonald’s to have my breakfast.

We began our artistic day of photo-taking soon after he arrived. Sadly, I was in a very lousy condition due to extreme lack of sleep as we chatted till quite late before logging off. I was unable to take ideal standard of pictures.

The place seemed like a pet shop for dog-lovers with all kinds of different dogs; unfortunately there was no babe. There were many photographers using big and expensive cameras with tripod stands, which made my camera look so cheap.

It was an amazing experience to get near to swans when other visitors were feeding them; too bad they did not position themselves well enough after we camped there for quite long. It was a pity that Orchids Gardens required money to enter and I would not have minded if the fee was less than three bucks.

We took many pictures but eventually I forgot to take one with XX Liang eating flower; both of us never appeared in a same picture as well.

We covered half of the place and decided to leave since the other portion did not seem interesting. Then, we went to Tanglin Mall to have a drink and left after walking around the building.

The hole in the trunk of the SGD$5 note tree.

The SGD$5 note tree.

Just a leaf in the early morning, so fresh!

The falling plants, stretched along the long path.

Pretty flower.


Water lily?

Cyclist on the plant.

Hot dog lookalike cactuses.

Crabs lookalike plants.

My favourite cactus picture.

Cactus again.



Pocky plantation.


Weird but interesting thing. Seems like watering the plants.

Another plant.

The pond.


Swans. Too bad they did not pose nicely for me.

Feeding the swan.

Too close view. Argh!

The swan dance, too bad not facing us.

Fishes eating?

Cat tail or what?


Cute girl at the grassland.

Nice tree? Effect wasn’t as nice as expected.

Nice flow of water.

The trademark at the gate.

With me.

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