Planning for the chalet

[Thursday, 06 October, 2006]

I hesitated for a couple of days before deciding not to go to Shep’s dad’s wake. The continuous reliance on my right leg to walk had injured the heel. The previous week’s journey to Choa Chu Kang had also warned me not to travel long distance again for the moment. Lastly, I did not want my mum to worry about me again.

I heard a few comments that some friends were not that close to Shep and it was actually weird to go to the wake; I guessed “to each, his own” and I should respect their thinking. But to me, even when I was not working directly at that office, Shep was somehow one of the closest people to me in camp.

The day was spent fruitfully gathering information for my chalet. Next step was to construct a website before letting my friends know about it; of course those who frequent my website would have known about it already.

I dozed off in the late afternoon, felt so wrecked again. Then, I happened to see my personal advisor, Gilbert, online. He gave me great assistance in rectifying all the faults in the draft contents of my new website. We also chatted over the phone to discuss a bit about photography and to further improve my project as well.

Vivi was glad to see my enthusiasm in the chalet; I knew well since things had to be done, just do it to the best, at least within own best abilities.

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