Problems of the Chalet

[Sunday, 15 October, 2006]

Finally I finished the second phrase of my labelling of the entire blog. It took more around six hours to add and edit labels to the entries, causing a little exhaustion on my mind.

In the midst of my hard work, I did some contacting of my guests to confirm their availability for the chalet. It had been a long time since I last chatted with Ching Er and eventually she placed her school work above my celebration. I knew everyone was busy but it really depended on the friendship to fork out the time.

I felt quite guilty for friends like Peh, Vanessa, Mikeller, Meiping, Kaelyn and some others to go all the way down to Pasir Ris when they could not even spare the time to stay; but sacrifices had to be made in order to gather, and it all depended on whether the efforts were worthwhile.

Ou Xiang talked to me about the mess at her current accommodation, which was all because of my required barbecue stuffs. I tried to contact Mingfa and Weitat but was disappointed to know that they did not hold training at BMCC; else Wilson or Mingen could easily drop by Ou Xiang’s house to collect the stuffs. Weitat had also forgotten the promise he made a week ago when he came my house to collect the Windows XP CD.

Ou Xiang told me she could help me to carry the stuffs over to my house on this coming Tuesday and it totally sucked to let her do that when she was kind enough to provide me the stuffs. I could only blame my strengthless left leg that I had to be so dependence on others.

Internet was down again for a while when I was trying to help Ou Xiang with her PowerPoint. The weird thing was that I could connect to MSN but unable to surf the net.

For the next few days I must work harder to get things done.

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