Revisit to SGH

[Monday, 09 October, 2006]

I went to the physiotherapist for the second time with my mum. I told her I had accidentally strained my calf two nights ago and she was quite stunned. It was all for the long disability that I wanted to witness the progress.

I did some cycling exercise there and each time I used strength, the left calf seemed like going to cramp. Then, I was taught a few more exercises with the thera-band. Luckily the session was less than ten bucks.

Next, we went to the Clinic “C” again. The waiting time was near an hour. I was delighted to see Doctor Tay again and Doctor Sebastian was just by his side. There was nothing much to say and they thought my condition was good. When Doctor Sebastian asked if there was any numbness, I felt around the wound and the skin was indeed totally numbed.

The next appointment is half a year later. By then I do not see any need to go back when I have totally recovered. Twenty-one bucks was too expensive. Perhaps, the reason to go back would be just to pay Doctor Tay a visit.

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