The Twin Towers’ Birthdays

[Saturday, 21 October, 2006]

The Twins Fatty Si and Pretty Yun celebrated their twenty-first birthdays like almost a week earlier. It crashed with the SI ORD celebration held also for Ivan’s early twenty-first birthday celebration. However, since there was some miscommunication, I chose not to go over to Rongji’s house instead of rushing over from Chinese Garden to Serangoon.

I wrapped up the presents last minutes for the twins and the results were not satisfying enough. Then I went alone all the way there and managed to find the place easily since it was just besides the swimming complex.

The food

I was feeling quite bored over there since they had so many guests. Then, the met up with someone I had been trying to avoid for years gave me cold sweat.

I was then brought into their room and started looking at the albums half consisting of animals. Peiyun brought her friends in later and I felt weird with all the strangers behind me. Luckily, cake cutting commenced soon.

I had my camera with me but was too awkward to take it out since I did not know their guests. Some of them took out their mobile phone to take pictures and I felt it was quite silly; but of course I guessed the phones were quite good.

Since there was no date after that, I stayed behind to chill up with them.

The arrival of Bernard lightened me up. He accompanied me and later on I helped him to find a new “girlfriend” on the spot.

The couple

I told Peiling that Bernard wanted to take a photo with her and told Bernard the opposite. I sacrificed myself as the bad guy for Bernard and nobody would ever do such kind deed.

The hungry girl

I left the place at around ten.

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