To the Career Fair

[Saturday, 28 October, 2006]

When Kwang Han asked me if I were going for the Career Fair at Suntec City, it was still early and I had not confirmed with Wen Chang over it, so I said no. I checked with Wen Chang on our earlier plan to go but he was out with his friends, watch movie.

Eventually I dropped the idea of going since there was still another day to go.

Then, in the late afternoon, Ah Chang SMSed me again, saying he was there with his friends. I quickly changed up and just when I was walking halfway, he told me the place was boring and he was going off soon.

I went on even though I knew I would be alone. On the way, I was messaging Mike as well and he encouraged me to go.

True enough, the fair was quite small, as compared to those IT fairs which I had gone before.

I really hated to walk alone, feeling so weird. I did not approach any of the stations, and just briskly walked around holding my phone and replying messages. Nothing really interested me.

The only benefits I got were a magazine which would help me a bit on finding work and also the babe-sighting. There were many babes among the staffs, but there might be lots of disguise with the thick makeup.

I did not stay for long and left to catch my Hong Kong drama show about a hacker.

I took bus 196 home and was on time to catch the approaching one. The interior design of the bus was nicely done, spacious and there was no stairs at the doors, which was very convenient for the passengers.

Picture taken inside the bus discreetly, in case the passengers thought I was taking shots of them; that caused the blurness.

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