To Vivo City

[Sunday, 15 October, 2006]

Followed by the previous day’s first shopping after my operation, I decided to exercise more and also to make my first trip down to Vivo City. It was just a few bus-stops away from my house and I was frustrated that I could not make it down earlier.

This day Gilbert and Ivan were even more spontaneous than me and we ended up at Harbourfront at 2pm. My decision for dining at home was because I was not sure what I could eat at outside.

There was a bad traffic jam but luckily I reached there on time in a piece. My left leg was still in pain as I walked but I soon overcame it.

Ivan and Gilbert thought my hair was disastrous but it was okay since I did not wear a cap as well the day before at Orchard.

Ivan and I were shocked at near the information counter as the list of shops were placed vertically and the shoppers could crowd around that round thing but had to bend forward a bit to reveal some holy part. We guessed many guys would be crowding over there as well.

Gilbert had his shopping spree for formal clothes after getting a job in Maersk and he seemed to be so familiar with that new big building but walking on tired me fast. The place was nice but more for shopping purpose. There was no fast food except Long John Silver’s, which was still under renovation; perhaps because Harbourfront Centre was just beside.

Some shops were crowded with people and we were quite amazed. I was quite impressed with the Bossini shop with six cubicles and detection device to display the availability of each room outside. Then, Ivan and I started to crap about why half of the shop was displaying clothes with Casper’s pictures. In the end, we came to a conclusion that before Casper died, he was wearing Bossini’s clothes.

We met up with Gilbert’s friend, Mingli, and continued to walk around in my exhausted legs. Then, we went to The Market Place to get extra costly drinks before going up to the third level. The place was still under construction, but the pool was filled with water already, too bad of only like ten centimeters deep water. It would be a romantic place without the haze.

Anyway, the haze should not be blamed for other shopping centers having fewer shoppers because Vivo City was partially responsible for drawing so many people there.

We started taking some photos there. I was reluctant to move around and thus not holding the camera and missed the good shots of two training ships facing each other.

Training ship

The ground

Gilbert’s failure

Ivan sleeping


Ivan and Kailun


The biggest problem was that even though there were so many shoppers around, we could only get to see one babe, who was then dragged to disfigure her beautiful face with makeover. Her tanned skin soon merged with the products and became so unnatural. We watched her from the second storey and I hesitated to take photo of her since she was not looking up.

We left home during evening for dinner.

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