Visits of Vivi and Kachua

[Wednesday, 04 October, 2006]

Since the day before being woke up by Rueben Ow at around noon when I slept near daylight, I was lack of sleep. As I continued to work throughout the night again, the sleep debt was even more.

Vivi called me in the morning and I cancelled the call as usual and then wanted to use my house’s phone to call her back. Since my mum was sleeping at the outer side of the bed and my leg was so inconvenient, I dozed off.

She called my house’s number then and I woke up feeling so irritated that my sleep was interrupted by a phone call. I heard her voice and then she told me to go and open the door.

It was another surprised sweet visit from her; I could have guessed it if I was not so weary. I had never expected her to drop by to accompany me because she was having exams and that she had started to revise since nearly a month ago.

Since I could not send her home like usual, as she told me she was going to take a cab, I gave her another ten bucks again. It was my responsibility to send her home after all and that was the best I could do at the moment.

The amount of money might be considered small to some people but for a jobless guy, having more medical appointments at the hospital and an upcoming birthday chalet to handle, it was strenuous.

This was one of the most stressful eras of my life. I had to account to myself for my future, to get income to move on with my life, and also to worry for a young girlfriend who was supposed to be immature in her age. I could not clarify my doubts and discuss any displease with her during this period of time when she needed full concentration for her exams; just any simple issue would probably circulate around in her mind throughout the night when she was supposed to sleep.

This afternoon, I finally expressed my wish for her to be more matured again. In fact, I was not really sure the definition of mature, but at least I knew I need someone who would not stress me.

At night, Kachua did his overtime job and dropped by my house. He was the second friend other than Kaelyn who did that. His main intention was to give me a name card, which one of his clients gave him, asking for a programmer for a website; there was not much detail. I supposed it was a database job which I still had problems with since they already had a web designer.

We had some chats and he left within an hour.

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